Dark Amour

The Venus Fly Trap

Alex Novak (vocals) - Andrew Denton (drums, programing & guitar) - Neil Ridley (bass)
Matt Felce (guitar) - Simon Alexander (guitar)

Recorded at the Cage (UK) - 1996
Produced by Martin Bowes and VFT
© Venus Fly Trap 2002

Her lips are dry, the needle finds the vinyl, man and woman in symmetry ... stamp the page and gaze on the face, your passport to "Dark Amour".
On the edge of the spiral arm, bathing in your moonlight, the procession of light across the universe.
The ebb and flow of her hairstyle, erotic moments in carriages ...
I'm on a TV screen via the all seeing eye. In transit through the corridor across the sea in a metal box. I'm on my way to you...
The suicide note read death underlines life, but don't tell me there's a heaven tax.
Gaze apon the death throes of a distant star receiving a message via the agency of light. Burning feeling deep inside, as deep as the ocean floor I will drink at her altar ... my passport to "Dark Amour".

"They just get better everytime, they've gone from being a alright 80's goth rock band to a rather tasty and very original high flying dark wave black psychedelic experience that drips with positive X factor.
This offering mixes psychic TV with hints of the Velvet Underground, very dark sparse ambient Hawkwind.
Black psychedelic sisters ... futurist psyche outs, paranoia, obsession ... classic film noir for your ears ... forget everything you ever knew, their last release was good this is radiant".
(Organ - 1997)

"Incredible piece of creativity sees the band exploring new territories. The influences range from gothic rock to industrial and trippy psychedelic hypnotics. Classic."
(Fight Amnesia - 1998)

"Luna Tide had a rocky sound, but this has a European electronic feel helped by Martin Bowes (Attrition) as producer.
It has a filmic quality that wouldn't sound out of place in "The Naked Lunch" or other sci-fi/noir thrillers."
(Interference - 1998)