Luna Tide

The Venus Fly Trap

The Venus Fly Trap
Alex Novak (vocals) - Andrew Denton (drums) - Gary Lennon (guitar) - Neil Ridley (bass) - Alex Ward (bass) - Brian Ansell (guitar) Nathan Bundy (keyboards) - Nigel Jones (bass)

Recorded at Outrider (UK), Far Heath (UK) and Hansahaus (Germany) - 1994
Produced by Mark, Angus, Manni and VFT
© Venus Fly Trap 2002

Urban decay, on the concourse, escapism via drugs, machines choking the arteries. A Moscow apartment, economic refuges, the human menagerie. Zen and the art of vehicles, crucified by the highway, on the road to É
Fallen statues in public parks, the prince of Narcosis, to the sea of tranquility, T minus and counting, dedicated to all astronomers É keep watching the skies !

"If you've missed VFT so far, then its high time you came to your senses. Vocalist Alex Novak has a way of turning the crassest lyric into a jewel that burns like the midday sun. VFT eats soul like the grim reaper, squeezing every drop of creativity out of them before moving on to fresh meat. In the process, they strike gold with every shovelfull. Shedding another skin is a real rattle snake, bite it before it bites you.
(Empty Quarter - 1992)

"Worth tracking down if you have to have a predilection for the sort of blade runner rock'n'roll you'd expect from Dark Nuptials between an Acid Doors, Suicide and the Cramps with bastard guitars and doomy vocals"
(Brum Beat - 1992)

"Semi concept album, darkly suggestive of that pre-goth rock mid-80's period, the musicianship is strong, all overlaid with a nifty doors-y Hammond organ"
(Kerrang - 1994)

"VFT get more spacey in a hawkwind way É maybe the Doors or 13th Floor Elevators with a hint of goth."
(Organ -1995)

"On this particular outing VFT have savored morsels from the likes of Nick Cave, Julian Cope, Doors, Cramps and then spat them out to congeal into their own particular flavour"
(Lowlife - 1995)