VFT News Archive

Alex Novak and Andy Denton add yet another dimension to the already legendary Venus Fly Trap. The stripped down version of the band now venture out with a set of powerful backing tracks - taking the band to new and dizzy heights. VFT are in the process of writing new material for release in 2003 and will be gigging in Europe and the UK again in the spring of 2003.

VFT ON THE ROAD IN 2001 and 2002

Northampton Gig with Tear Skicky in support
24th November 2002 - The Soundhaus (Northampton/UK)

London Gig with Diary of Dreams, Diorama, Faces of Sarah
23rd November 2002 - The Underworld (London/UK)

Trip to Poland for the Castle Party in Balkow with New Model Army, Das Ich and Fading Colours
Sat 27th July 2002 - The Castle Party (Balkow/Poland)
Weds 24th July 2002 - Titanic City - The Dark Night Team (Munich/Germany)
Sat 20th July 2002 - Cabaret Voltaire (Binche/Belgium)

London Gig with Goteki, Angelbomb, I.O.N., Zwartenblauw
Fri 28th June 2002 - The Garage (London/UK)

Belgium - A short trip across the English Channel for three gigs.
Sat April 27th 2002 - Cap Sud (St Ghislan/Belgium)
Fri April 26th 2002 - Musique 100 Couleres Festival (La Louviere/Belgium)

London Gig with Dream Disciples, Altered States, Cauda Pavonis
Fri 7th December 2001- The Underworld (London/UK)

Northampton Gig with Attrition
Sun 22 November 2001 - Soundhaus (Northampton/UK)

Trip to Poland for Warsaw gig with Fading Colours and Psyche
Fri 26th October 2001 - Youth Centre (Binche/Belgium)
Thurs 25th October 2001 - Dunker (Berlin/Germany)
Sun 21st October 2001 - Vampira Festival (Warsaw/Poland)

Coventry Gig with Attrittion, Meg Lee Chin and Bagman
Fri Oct 5th 2001 - Necroscope/Platform 5 (Coventry/UK)

Wolverhampton Gig with Wall of Flesh, Womb, Lupine
Sat 15th September 2001 - The Varsity (Wolverhampton/UK)


1. Back catalogue is re-released with new artwork and additional multimedia files on SPV Poland in the summer of 2002.

2. Compilation 'Anthology of the Food' is released in October 2001 - featuring 17 tracks.