The Venus Fly Trap
with Alex Novak on Aug 27, 2002

We can’t help it, but the Castle Party in Poland gave us the opportunity to meet with a lot of unknown bands (at least for us). Opener of the festival was The Venus Fly Trap from the U.K. They gave us some copies from their CD’s and we were impressed. Especially Dark Amour shows that we’ve missed something during all these years (the band started in 1987). Their music is a mixture of psychedelica, rock and any kind of alternative music you can imagine… The name of the band is written with or without The. So our first question was…
    First of all, is it The Venus Fly Trap or Venus Fly Trap?
It`s `The Venus Fly Trap`!

    Do you know there’s a Dutch band with the same name? How do you feel about that?
Yes, I did hear, a guy at the `Castle Party` even had a copy of their CD - they need to be told! [ehm, and that guy was ME!!! – Beautevil]. But I`ve heard of other bands in other countries as well! I don`t really worry about it!

    You have been around for quite some time now (since 1987), but unfortunately we (from the Netherlands) had to discover you during a festival in Poland. Do you have any explanation for that?
Well I guess we haven`t had material available in Holland/ received press/radio attention either. Our past labels have been French (DANCETERIA), or German (SPECTRE and SOUNDBUSTER). But also we haven`t played in Holland much at all - it`s strange how these things work out - it seems to click faster in other countries! But in a small way, I hope this will start correcting this situation!

    By the way, how did you like the Castle Party in Bolkow/ Poland?
It was our first visit to Bolkow - it`s a great place for a Festival - the Castle is excellent! There seemed to be people from all over Europe there - We got a great reception! Better than our performance at the `Vampira Festival` in Warsaw.

The best description I`ve heard is "Bladerunner Rock`n` Roll with acidic cinematic futurist psyche-outs".

  You don’t make it easy to define your music. You use a whole lot of different influences (psychedelic, alternative rock, dark wave) in your music. How would you describe your music?
The best description I`ve heard is "Bladerunner Rock`n` Roll with acidic cinematic futurist psyche-outs".

    You seem to have to overcome some dark issues if you hear the topics (the pain and pleasure of love, jealousy, paranoia and eroticism) you use on “Dark Amour”. Can you tell us something more about this?
I`m into film and I like a lot of the subject matter covered by the `Film Noir` genre - the atmospheres, paranoia, tricks of the mind - like the films "The Third Man", Hitchcock`s "Vertigo", "Birds", also Lynch`s "Mullholland Drive", "Blue Velvet", "Twin Peaks" etc. Bringing this together with my own experiences to create a Film Noir soundscape!

    You started out as a band, but at this stage you have ended up with a guitarist and a singer. Why is this?
That`s not quite true - we started originally as guitar, bass, vocals with a drum machine - so it`s always been in flux - but most of the material on `Dark Amour` was done on the computer - also our newer songs!

But yes, we`ve made a conscious effort live for the material to be more upbeat!

  Have to admit that your music live sounds easier to listen to than on record, you’ve got some strange trips on record. Is this my imagination or is it a choice you’ve made for playing live?
Live, we`ve used the majority of the material from the `Dark Amour` album, the rest is new material with the exception of `Rocket USA`. But yes, we`ve made a conscious effort live for the material to be more upbeat!

    What can we expect from The Venus Fly Trap in the near future? Tour? New record?
Well, we`ve just had our back catalogue re-issued, the albums Mars, Totem, Pandora’s Box, Luna Tide and Dark Amour are available via mail order from:

PO Box 210
Northampton, NN2 6AU
United Kingdom

Or online at:

We can be contacted at:

We should be doing dates in the UK early next year then later a tour of Europe. Also working on recording the new material we`ve been playing live.

    Alex Novak is also frontman of Nova State Company and Nova Galaxie Robotnik. Is it easy to combine these three bands? Can you tell us something more about those bands?
Nova State and Galaxie are the same, just with a name change! We`ve released material in the past for Dion Fortune in Germany. But this project is on hold for the moment - too much to do! Nova is totally electronic apart from the vocals - kind of cyber-punk stuff.

What kind of person likes The Venus Fly Trap?

  Something you always wanted to say, but never was asked…
What kind of person likes The Venus Fly Trap? What makes them tick!

And rumour has it that The Venus Fly Trap is coming our way… Hopefully in March 2003… Let’s see what happens…

(Beautevil )


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