The Venus Fly Trap
Alex Novak (vocals)
Andrew Denton
(guitar, keyboards, vocals & programing)

Additional Players
Paul Cox (backing vocals & assistant vocal engineer)
Nathan Bundy (keyboard solos - Sabotage/Neg X)
Sylvie Denton (french narration - Neon)

Recorded at Villers Wood (UK) - 2003-2004
Mastered at Soup Dragon -2004
Recorded and produced by VFT
Music by A.Denton/Lyrics by A.Novak
© Venus Fly Trap 2004

Name me a price on this chamber,
Made of metal and pieces of paper.
Set me alight, pose for the apparition,
Her performance in pools of sweat.
While the host enters this vessel,
Horns and hoofs and matted hair.
Feel the pounding stormtroopers,
Insignia flapping under a blue sky.
You’re not concerned but a little frightened,
Too transfixed by the gaudy altar.
Digest the words forced down your throat,
The gullet a veritable library.
Naked bodies copied again and again,
Passed through the gut.
Don’t ask me for forgiveness,
The wheel is spinning out of control.
The lines are drawn, the holes dug,
A pointless parade continues,
Missing limbs and hollow eyes.
The gas hisses feel the crush,
A chill passes over a corpse.
Architecture in skulls and bones,
A template for our humanity.
Fire burns, fire is pure,
Destruction of the future now past.
What you have passed to your children,
The legacy of guilt and pain.
Cry no never again,
I wasn’t there but I know.
This is what we can do today…

Twilight Opera
Naked Ape
Infra Red
Neg X

Complete "Zenith" reviews


"Twilight Opera' and 'Infra Red' reveal their deft hand in musical narration" - Alex Whitehead 7/10


It is difficult to find a electro/dark/rock band with a personal sound but Venus Fly Trap are a reality for all the lovers of the genre! 4/5

Starvox - Mick Mercer

DNA’ has a spacier feel, with pinprick guitar and strange vocals, creaking and scuttling in some robot scorpion disguise.

Zillo Magazine Germany

'Neg X' leaves you in no doubt who is at work here, exploring moodscapes that put me in mind of "Roxy Music's


Zenith” is an album that takes time to appreciate, but once you get into it, is increasingly rewarding. Intense with restrained expression !

Magic Box

Zen sounds like a venomous oriental snake. Naked Ape, with a perverted nursery rhythm interlude, is snappy, threatening. DNA has a sticky, unhealthy sound that could remind us of Nick Cave after having discovered how to use a machine. My favourite one remains Sabotage, but as to say why…


"Zenith" actually marks the creative high point of the work of Alex Novak and Andy Denton to date
Review by: MK 8/10

D-Side Magazine France

Venus Fly Trap have delivered one of the most accomplished albums of their career


From the death march beat of ‘Zen’ to the more synth-pop feel of ‘Mercury’ or the New Order styled ‘Infa Red’, the band have their own unique sound that can seamlessly be molded to all the genres floating in their static space.
Well-done boys.

Legends Magazine

Naked Ape also has a catchy melody like the starting Metropolis. The slow moving breakdown is smooth and surreal with a nice slow piano section with a good choice of chords that seem to work together while still having a strange sharp sound. A nice concoction here, pick up some future-pop fun today.